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An established and capable detox facility is an essential part of what Marin County must have available for individuals who need that critical step in personal recovery.

As we all should know, alcoholism and addiction can and does destroy perfectly good people.

In addition to alcoholism and addiction, there are people facing the difficulty of addressing mental health issues in combination with the need to detoxify.

When people need help with these issues, from all walks in life, there must be a place which can provide a suitable atmosphere.

In 1999, such a facility was started by an organization, a group of concerned citizens who called themselves 'Marin People Care'.

Named 'Helen Vine' in memory of their deceased daughter, the Helen Vine detox facility received help from her parents both in donation and coordination.

Now a division of Buckelew Programs, the facility needs to relocate by early 2017, and WildCare (WildCare Solutions) will be moving to the property.

This vehicle has been donated by a parent who lost two grown children to drug overdoses, in an effort to contribute to the help that needs to always be available.

Custom built in 2007 and in mint condition, a sale price has not yet been decided.

If interested in placing an offer, please click on the 'Make An Offer' window.

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